Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Tree Festival 2016: Trees with the Most Votes

Many thanks to all those groups, volunteers and local businesses that decorated trees for our annual
 Christmas Tree Festival 
St Hildeburgh's Parish Church

Thanks also to the hundreds of people who came along to enjoy the Festival between Friday and Sunday
(2 to 4 December 2016)

We all had the most fantastic time!

Visitors to the Christmas Tree Festival were invited to cast votes for the individual trees in the three following categories:
  • Most Elegant Tree
  • Most Fun Tree
  • Most Original Tree

The votes are now all in and counted. We can announce the following:

Anamal Dance Company 
(based in their dance studios in
Central Hall, Market Street, Hoylake)
came first in the category of the
Most Elegant Tree 
(259 votes)

Anamal's tree (pictured below) was a mass of bright white lights, with a dozens of pink baubles (in a range of differing hues) with swathes of light pink material. At the top was a fun looking fairy with a star shaped magic wand ...

Holy Trinity
Church of England
Primary School 
had the most votes in
TWO categories:
Most Fun Tree
 (255 votes)
Most Original Tree 
(200 votes)

Holy Trinity School's tree (pictured below) was  called "A Partridge in an Egg Tree". The tree was made up of individual, decorated eggs - each egg was decorated by a different child from the school. On top was the partridge. As the school worded it, this tree was an "EGGSCLUSIVE" and "EGGSOTIC", "EGGSTRAVAGANZA" ...

A special mention should go to the
Christmas tree
decorated by supporters of our local
RNLI Lifeboats 
(Hoylake and West Kirby)
Although the tree did not gain the most votes in any single category, this tree received no fewer than
total votes

The Lifeboat tree (pictured below) honoured the volunteers who serve our two local lifeboats. The tree decorations were small portraits of the volunteers, while around the base of the tree were gathered items used by the volunteers - ranging from yellow lifeboat boots to helmets. On top of the tree, in place of the usual Christmas fairy, was a lifeboat boot! What else would do ... ?

Many thanks again to all who came to the Festival and especially those who decorated a tree. 
We think you will agree, EVERY Christmas tree at this year's Festival was a winner!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A FANTASTIC "Messy Church" Day! 12 November 1016

We all had the most FANTASTIC day on
Saturday, 12 November (2016)
at St Hildeburgh's
in Hoylake 
... it just keeps getting bigger 
and better every time!

Our theme this time was "Thankfulness in Autumn" and there were lots of fun and exciting things to do!

Pictured Below:  
Peter Ham (one of our 'Messy Church'
leaders) explains a few things 
before we get started ...

A few of the first to arrive sign in ...

A few games and puzzles to get started ...


The rules for this game seem to have beaten a few
of our 'Messy' volunteers ..

More games and puzzles ...



Tiimmmbbbeerrrrrr .... !

A little bit of quiet drawing
in the church ...

 Making your own "Messy Pud" is fun ...

 Lots of craft activities - making things
to take home and keep ...

 An enthusiastic 'Messy Church-Goer"
tells our Rev Paul (Vicar of Hoylake)
what he's been doing ...

AS 'Messy Church was the day befere
Remembrance Sunday, one of our
craft activities was making our own
Remembrance poppies ...

We went into the Church
for some praise
and worship ...

Lizzie led us in two, fun worship songs - 
We almost got the words and actions right ...


Remembering that our theme for the day
was 'Being Thankful', Peter told us the
story of how Jesus healed ten sick people
but only one remembered to say 'Thank you'.
So, we all said a big 'Thank you' to all our
family and friends, but most of all, we said
a big 'Thank you' to JESUS ... 

And last, but not least, we all shared a hot meal
together ... FISH FINGERS with LOADS of
Tommie Ketchup ...

So, we all had the most 

We Just can't wait for the next

Why not come along to our next one?

There's no charge for anything (including the meal)
- just make sure you book and that children
are accompanied by an adult(s)

 ... and finally ...

... When we say 'all ages welcome' -we mean it ...!