Saturday, April 25, 2015

Messy Church: April 2015

We all had a fantastic time at 
Messy Church on Saturday, 25 April.

There was worship, singing, craft, games, 
food, fun and lots of mess!

Rev Paul's Two Penn'orth, April 2015

t’s good to have an opportunity to thank everyone for their fantastic support in the past year, from the churchwardens, Carron Jones and Paul Irvine, the deputy wardens, Jane Langley, Nigel Hall and Tom Lang, and the standing committee, to the PCC, our treasurer Mel White and to everyone who has contributed in any way. It really has been exciting to see what has been achieved in the last 12 months.
I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit and prayer have played a big part in all that has happened.
Seeing our congregation grow is impressive and isn’t it great to see so many children coming to church?
Easter and Christmas were truly amazing, and my thanks go to our Mums and Tots group which is very successful, also the continual work with the Voyagers and their team of leaders Kath Lang, Amanda Campbell and Pam Soo.
Our ministry team, which is working well together and is a great bonus to the church, which includes Ruth Calcott, Peter Ham, Jill Rawcliffe and Nigel Hall, and I must not forget Rev’d John Harrison, our associate vicar.
There have been many wonderful additions this year to our church life. Among them are Messy Church, which is one of the largest in the diocese, and is truly ‘messy’ and a great success.
Working with Holy Trinity School continues to bear fruit and our Family Praise services are developing and growing.

ast year Hoylake hosted the Open golf championship and we took our opportunity to create our golfing-based Prayer Labyrinth, which was an oasis for many, drawing a large number of people, who would normally never have come into the church, for prayer and reflection. So again, a very special event. Well done to all who helped in any way. The labyrinth really helped to up the profile of St Hildeburgh’s both within our community and far beyond, as we welcomed people from all over the world. And we mustn’t forget the hog-roast which provided a fitting conclusion to the labyrinth. Thank you to all who helped on the day and, of course, a big thank-you to Nancy Fraser and Liz Roberts, who really made the labyrinth come to life.
Our Bacon Butty Breakfast outreach began slowly but has gained momentum, has spread into the community and is becoming well known. This has followed on from our Soup & Sandwich lunches, now into the second year and, with the addition of the quarterly service for our care homes and carers, has become very popular. Long may it continue.
We must not forget the Christmas tree festival, which is now a regular part of church life and is loved by the whole community. Thanks must go to Sue Wells and her GAP Social Group for all the careful planning which should not be taken for granted. Similarly, we should appreciate the work of the GAP Communication Group and, again, thanks to Peter Surridge and his team of helpers for all they do.
Such a lot of work goes into maintaining the grounds and Peter also, with others, plays a big part in keeping the grounds looking great.
Lifeboat Sunday continues and is an important  part of our ministry as we give thanks for the work of the crew and all they do for the community. It is always now followed by the barbecue at the Vicarage which continues to grow and create exciting fellowship.
The church is working more closely with the community which generates a healthy church. This was the basis of our Vision document which should keep us well focused up to 2020. My thanks goes to all who were involved.

peaking of thanks, I must say a massive thank-you to Jenny White for her work as PCC secretary for 15 years.
We have managed to fill the church with our new chairs which has been a wonderful addition to the look and feel of the church.
To help us grow in faith and discipleship we have run a number of courses to help increase our understanding of the Bible. These courses have been well received and will continue.
Jesus was our supreme example of going about and helping those in need and I hope that in some way we are trying to do that. What is happening in church seems to indicate that we are moving the right direction.
I can’t stress how much we have moved forward as a worshipping community and have been overwhelmed by everyone’s support.
What stands out for me is the enthusiasm to let God lead us and for us to listen and be willing to trust in our Saviour as we continue to grow our church.
Finally, the Bishop of Chester has again recognised Hoylake as a parish suitable for training curates. Next year we will share in the training of Karl Williams, a stipendiary curate, who will spend time with us experiencing our parish life. He will spend the rest of his time at St John’s but we will have a flexible working arrangement so we can give him a wide and varied training.
My thanks go to every one of you and let us look forward together to another wonderful 12 months. May God bless us as we move forward as one.
Your friend, Rev’d Paul

From my report to the
                                                                             Annual Parochial Church Meeting, 15 April 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Messy Church is here again! Saturday 25 April 2015

We're going to have another, 
great messy time for...
St Hildeburgh's Parish Church 
in Hoylake

Saturday 25 April 2015
4 to 6 pm


Games, crafts, songs etc.

Meal for Children
Drinks & Refreshments for adults 

If you want to come along, please email us with name and numbers: